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An illustrious group of individuals have delivered the keynote address at past McCormick Unsung Hero banquets. Here is a partial list.

2022  Victoria Garrick, USC Volleyball & TED Talk Speaker

2021  Ed Reed, Hall of Fame Safety, Baltimore Ravens

2020  Justin Tucker, All-Pro Place-kicker, Baltimore Ravens

2019  Susan "Lolo" Jones, Olympic Hurdler and Bobsledder
2018  Tyrone "Muggsy" Bougues, Baltimore HS Basketball Legend, NBA Star

2017  Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens Football Great

2016  Brenda Frese, Univ. of Maryland Women's Basketball Coach

2015  Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Quarterback

2014  Kyle Maynard, Author/Athlete

2013  Wes Moore, Author

2012  Byron Pitts, CBS News

2011  Scott Garceau and Alan Wilson

2010  John Harbaugh, Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens

2009  Vivian Stringer, Head Coach, Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team

2008  Herman Boone, Retired head football coach, T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, VA

2007  Dot Richardson, Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Orthopedic Surgeon

2006  Jim Morris, Former Major League Pitcher, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

2005  Brian Billick, Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens

2004  Carolyn Peck, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball Team, University of Florida

2003  James Brown, Sportscaster and motivational speaker

2001  Bonnie St. John Deane, Motivational speaker

2000  Art Berg, Motivational speaker, Wheelchair athlete

1999  Cathy Rigby, Former Olympic gymnast and current Broadway entertainer

1998  Dr. Ben Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital

1997  Roger Crawford

1996  Fran Tarkenton, Retired quarterback, Minneapolis Vikings

1995  Tom Sullivan

1994  Dick Vitale, College Basketball Analyst

1993  Bart Starr, Retired All Pro Quarterback, Green Bay Packers,

1992  Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Gold Medalist

1991  Andy Geiger, Athletic Director, University of Maryland

1990  Roger Staubach, Retired, Dallas Cowboys

1989  Wes Unseld, Coach, Washington Bullets

1988  Congressman Tom McMillen, 4th District, MD

1987  Pam Shriver, Professional Tennis Star and Author

1986  Ernie Accorsi, Executive Vice President, The Cleveland Browns

1985  Frank Deford, Author and Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated

1984  Gary Tranquill, Head Football Coach, USNA

1982  Mike Adamle, NBC Sportscaster

1981  Gene Corrigan, Athletic Director, University of Notre Dame

1980  Irv Cross, CBS-TV Sports Commentator

1979  Rich Dauer, Infielder, Baltimore Orioles

1977  Johnny Unitas, Former Star Quarterback for the Baltimore Colts

1976  George T. Welsh, Head Football Coach, USNA

1975  Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Oriole Third Baseman

1974  Lenny Moore, Former Baltimore Colt Halfback

1972  Lieutenant General Claire E. Hutchin, Jr., Commander, First Army, Fort George C. Meade, MD

1971  Jesse Owens, Winner, Four Gold Medals 1936 Olympics and America’s greatest track-and-field star

1967  Don Shula, Head Football Coach, Baltimore Colts

1966  Joe Garagiola, National Sports Commentator, Voice of the New York Yankees, and Baseball Raconteur

1965  Don Shinnick, Star Linebacker of the Baltimore Colts

1964  Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles Third Baseman and AL Player of the Year

1962  Arthur Donovan, Former Professional Football Player – 12 years, Baltimore Colts 1953-1962

1959  Bill Veeck, President, Chicago White Sox

1958  Eddie Erdelatz, Coach, USNA

1957  Forest Evashevski, Coach, University of Iowa

1956  Arthur Daley, The New York Times, “Sports of the Times”

1955  Robert Considine, International News Service, Syndicated Sports Writer, Commentator, Author

1954  Red Smith, New York Herald Tribune, Syndicated Sports Writer and Author

1953  Dr. Marvin A. Stevens, Surgeon, Coach, Teacher, Sportsman

1952  Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, USN, Superintendent USNA

1951  Eric A. Johnston, President Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

John Harbaugh

Brooks Robinson

Jesse Owens

Dr. Ben Carson

Mary Lou Retton

Dick Vitale

Johnny Unitas

Roger Staubach

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