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Sparrows Point's girls' soccer player Hannah Auvil and wrestler Ethan Hoenig have established new ground in the history of the McCormick Unsung Heroes Award, becoming the first two nominees in the event's 77 year history from sports other than football and girls basketball.

The award began in 1940 as a football only event. In 1987, the honorees expanded to include girls basketball players and it has remained that way ever since. In 2017, however, the award has been opened up to athletes from all sports with each school having the freedom to select its most deserving male and female Unsung Hero candidates.

Most schools are still in the process of selecting their honorees, but Auvil and Hoenig have been named at Sparrows Point and will forever own their distinction. The pair will be on hand in May with all of the other honorees where $106,000 in college scholarships will be awarded.

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